Hate is not an Option

While sitting in the park one day and watching ducks swim in a pond, a few insightful thoughts surfaced. Life has many walls and fences that divide, separate and categorize people. These walls block people from learning how to get along with one another. Then I thought about some of the barriers that come between […]

Appreciate the Moment

What are the most memorable moments in your life?  As you reflect on those moments, consider whether you were able to appreciate it “in the moment.”  We are often missing out on what is happening now for one reason or another. Were you possibly wondering when the next shoe might drop? Were you caught up […]

The Accepting Attitude

 One of the things I’ve learned in life is to refrain from fighting things I cannot change.  Ultimately in your life, there will be things that cannot be changed; race, sex (although modern medicine is making this physically possible), chronic illness (yes, we can treat with modern medicine). There are certain situations such as a cheating spouse, natural […]

Aretha Franklin

I want to say good-bye publicly to the Queen of Soul.  I will miss you.  It has been a delight growing up and listening to your soul and gospel music. Thank you for blessing us with your God-given voice and spiritually lifting songs.  You not only earned 18 Grammys but appeared in movies and sang […]

Mental Health Cloud

Depression is a mental health cloud over America.  Depression causes millions to harm relationships and even destroy their lives through substance abuse, unexpected killings, suicide as well as numerous other health, economic and social issues.  It doesn’t care about social status, if you are rich or poor, young or old – it’s an epidemic that doesn’t discriminate. We live in […]

Suicide – A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

Dear Anthony, I watched your series and enjoyed your many travels. It was as though I was right there with you experiencing all the wonderful foods. You touched so many cultures and souls just by being yourself. We never met but your series allowed us to touch one another’s spirits. Your life was meaningful and […]

A Good Attitude

What is something that all of us in this world have in common? We all have an “attitude.”  The difference is our attitudes can be positive or negative. We all have a choice in how we use and display our attitudes to others. They can change with the seasons of life. They can change from situation […]


Jesus requires us to believe and have faith. Some of us fall short of this goal. If you were to ask philosophers, celebrities, athletes, co-workers, teachers and friends how they were able to succeed when the odds were against them; many would say they believed in themselves. They believed and it happened. When the newspaper […]

I Want the Milk But Not the Cow

People can be selfish. Many times, they are concerned only with serving themselves and satisfying their own needs and desires regardless of what the other person is feeling. They can desire and want sexual relations with someone but do not want to invest in a long-term, committed relationship.  They promise to commit and give just enough to the other person […]

Getting People to Talk

Do you have a relationship with a person or do you encounter people who just don’t seem to talk? Many people are uncomfortable talking to others.  Electronic devices have also created an even easier way to avoid actual conversations.  Some people will often type things about themselves, but if you are with that person face-to-face, they just seem to pull back into […]