I Want the Milk But Not the Cow

People can be selfish. Many times, they are concerned only with serving themselves and satisfying their own needs and desires regardless of what the other person is feeling. They can desire and want sexual relations with someone but do not want to invest in a long-term, committed relationship.  They promise to commit and give just enough to the other person […]

Getting People to Talk

Do you have a relationship with a person or do you encounter people who just don’t seem to talk? Many people are uncomfortable talking to others.  Electronic devices have also created an even easier way to avoid actual conversations.  Some people will often type things about themselves, but if you are with that person face-to-face, they just seem to pull back into […]

Winner or Whiner?

As a former professor, a present-day author, trainer and professional speaker, I’ve spent my entire adult life studying human behavior. I have tried to answer the question, “Why are some people winners, while others are whiners?” I think I’ve found some possible answers and I want to share them with you. The difference between the […]

Mental Conditions

Your mental condition is important when you want to change and move forward. The problem is, one cannot move forward without the right mindset. At times we all get stuck and find it difficult to change ourselves and our situation, so examining our mental condition is the first step to real change. You may want […]

The Valley Experience

There is one thing in life that is guaranteed, we all experience peaks and valleys. We will all face trials and tribulations in life. If by some chance, you have not gone through valley experiences, keep living and start preparing yourself for how you will deal with the valleys when they do come. There are […]

Things Aren’t Right!

How many of you are dealing with discouragement? In other words, things aren’t right in your life. You may not be sure of why things aren’t right, but you do experience the negative chatter in your head reminding you of your limitations. You can’t lose weight because you love sugar. You will never get a […]


In today’s world many of us find ourselves compromising on our value and beliefs putting ourselves on a slippery slope and not getting the results we desire. You may take a small step on a slippery slope but before long you find yourself taking larger steps that lead straight to trouble. Put simply, you can […]

Holding on to a Dream – A Tribute to Floyd Mayweather

I have been a boxing fan for many years and I have watched many fights from the amateur to the professional level. I’ve watched all the “great fighters.” Floyd Mayweather is one of the great ones! He has a record that is 49-0 – he is undefeated in boxing. Why am I talking to you […]

Don’t Waste the Pain

You know the story. We create the mess and we spend countless hours praying, and in some cases, begging to have our mess taken away. We create a mess and then seek delivery from God from all the pain. God is not in the mess business. However, it is a known fact that he will […]

Talkers vs. Listeners

I once read that we talk too much and listen too little. We tend to communicate to others about our own ideas but listen very little to others and their thoughts. The author suggested you reverse the process by talking less and listening more. The key question is “When people talk to you, do they […]