Many entrepreneurs, professionals, governmental agencies, and individuals have transformed their lives and businesses by using the Kendall Life Language Profile™ (KLLP™), which is a communication analysis tool designed to assist you in understanding more about yourself and others. The KLLP™ is not a personality or psychological test, and is presented in a narrative style which is information friendly. It is not based on age, race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity. People from all over the world have met with success using the system, and testimonials like the following are common: “The KLLP™ answers questions about understanding yourself better and improving communications with those around you. It is my belief that the KLLP™ will help you in your family and personal life, social situations, and with others you may encounter in the workplace.”

Once you take the KLLP™, you will immediately receive an in-depth communication analysis. It will include your 7LifeLanguages™ Profile, Range, Intensity, 14 different factors for your Primary and Secondary Life Languages, 14 additional scales information, and more. You can view the report online or print a hard copy for your reference. The cost of the KLLP™ is only $45.00 USD.

You will receive your own user ID and password so that you can log in and view your KLLP™ report at any time. You may also wish to submit a ShareCode so you can build a CrossTalk™ Analysis on anyone who has previously taken the KLLP™ and gives you his or her ShareCode. This is included in the price of the KLLP™ report.

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